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So we have covered Facebook and Instagram for busy business owners.  Now we will go over the Pinterest basics for small businesses.  Pinterest is an image sharing application that goes beyond the abilities of Instagram.  You are allowed to add links to your images, as well as comment and ♥ Like pins.  The basic concept of Pinterest is a memory or idea board where you find inspiration, ideas and information and ‘pin’ it to your board for later reference.  Pinterest is a great resource for DIY projects, style, recipes, infographics and business tips.  There is a lot to be learned, beyond what you might think, if you use Pinterest regularly.  This also means there is money to be made from Pinterest.  Like Instagram, Pinterest is just now getting into paid advertising, so using it correctly now is your best bet.

Creating Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest has both a mobile app and a website for you to use.  It is probably best to create your profile from the desktop so that you can make sure you complete all of the options.  You want to make sure that you set up your profile as a business account and complete all of the profile information.  Make sure you upload your logo, preferably the same that you use on other social media sites.  Select a username, again you should try to get the same name as your other social profiles.  Write a detailed ‘About You’ and get your website verified.


Once you have created your profile you need to create some boards.  Boards are used to collect and ‘pin’ similar topics and ideas.  You should create at least three or four boards that are related to your businesses.  Give your boards a unique name and description.  The name and description should be detailed, optimized and contain keywords and information so that other ‘pinners’ know what each board is about.  Select a category, add a map so that Rich Pins can be seen, and make sure they board is not secret.  You can also allow other people to add pins to your boards.


Once you have your boards you need to go ‘pin’ something.  Search Pinterest for other people’s pins that are related to your topics.  Pin them in their respective boards or  Like them.  Follow other boards and ‘pinners’ so that your feed will provide you with pins you might be interested in.  Once you have some pins in each board you can customize the board with the best pin for the Cover Pin.  Make sure that you had a link source to your pins using a tracking code so that you can determine which pins are driving traffic to your website.

Pinterest Images

Because Pinterest search results and feeds are images you need to make sure that you create Pins that are the right proportions.  Horizontal images do not do well on Pinterest.  Your pins need to be 600 pixels wide and can however be as long as you want them. This is the reason that infographics are so prevalent on Pinterest.

  • Profile Photo:  600 x 600
  • Pin:  600 x however tall you want it
  • Board Thumbnail:  222 x 150

 Managing Your Small Business Page


As with the other social media sites, try to keep your Pinterest username the same.

Be social, personable, polite and fun.

Post interesting, inspirational or funny images to create engagement.

Pin consistently and frequently.  Experiment with times to see when you get the best responses.

Pay attention to your comments,s, and follows, and follow back if appropriate.

Respond and engage with people who comment on your pins.

Find other ‘pinners’ and boards to follow and comment on their pins.

As with Instagram, you need to use hashtags (#).

Add the ‘Pin It’ button to your website.

Allow Rich Pins from your site.

Arrange your boards so that your most relevant board is at the top.


Do not beg for followers.

Do not post gross or inappropriate material.

Do not post other people’s pins as your own.

Do not post horizontal pins.

Do not solicit business on other people’s pins.

If you have any questions about setting up your Pinterest profile or how it can help your website SEO contact us, we would love to chat with you!

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