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If you are here you probably know that your business needs to be on the internet. But that means more than just a website. Internet marketing or digital marketing includes advertising your products or services across all digital medium. That includes paid ads, social media, review directories, mobile marketing, email marketing and more. Creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan is easy if you have the right partner. Let us be that extension of your business marketing and we can create an affordable, achievable, understandable internet marketing plan for your business.


Everyone knows by now you have to pay to play the internet game. Whether it’s advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo, FaceBook or YouTube – display ads or search ads. There are many, many options for businesses to bid for customer traffic. Done incorrectly, pay-per-click ads or PPC ads, can cost a fortune. Done correctly you can make tons of money. Running ads on any of the search engines is like walking a tightrope-there is fine line between profit and loss. They must be monitored regularly and updated continuously. Good keywords and negative keywords need to be added, specific ads and broad terms need to be tested. There are many facets to a money-making paid advertising campaign.

Target MarketingMany PPC management companies charge thousands of dollars a month and then just plug your ads into an automated program with very little hands on effort. This approach rarely works well and is never cost effective. Without direct management of your specific paid campaigns you could be doing more harm than good to your business and your checkbook. If you want someone to shoot straight with you on the costs of a managed pay-per-click campaign contact us today.

Pricing for PPC-Paid Ad Management

While everyone wants to rank in the ‘free’ searches there is also prime opportunity to convert sales in the paid listings. You can’t possibly rank number one for every term, but you can certainly pay for clicks on certain ‘money terms’. There is also evidence that if searchers see both a paid ad and an organic ad they are more likely to click on your search engine result.

However, paid ads done incorrectly can cost you an arm and a leg. PPC campaigns need to be created correctly, monitored constantly and updated frequently. Tracking your keyword quality scores, adding negative terms, geo-targeting and more can mean the difference between a blown budget and a successful week. We can also help you with remarketing cookies, display/image ads and social media advertising.

Many people are unsure about paying for clicks on Google or Facebook. We understand that. Contact us today and let us walk you through your options. We can create an effective and affordable advertising campaign for you.

Let us look at your paid advertising campaigns to see where we can save you money, improve your conversions and increase your sales. We have handled over 15 million dollars in paid advertising spends on search engines and social media. We can help you with your campaign as well. Call us at (512) 993-9993 or contact us and let’s design a PPC project for you.

Our PPC projects are very flexible and affordable and our agreements are very simple. We DO NOT lock you into a long term agreement and we can adjust our plans monthly or as your needs change.



Are you on FaceBook? Do you have a LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, or Pinterest profile? Social media is an integral part of most business plans, yet many business owners have no idea how to make it work for them. Getting people to share your content on FaceBook or Google+ or linking your YouTube channel and LinkedIn profiles can make gigantic changes in your search results, and customer following and retention. Depending on the type of business you have there are different social media platforms that can work more effectively to get your business out there.

Setting up your social media profiles is only half the battle. These are not ‘set and forget’ pages. They require quality content updated regularly and notification pushed to people who might be interested in your products or services. Don’t be overwhelmed with the social media explosion, contact us today to see how we can help your business get social.

Social Media is the fastest growing and changing part of internet marketing. There are hundreds of social media networks, various types of pages and many ways to post and monitor your content. While social media may not be a direct factor in search engine results, social signals can drastically increase your page views and website traffic. Social media is a great way to connect with your customers on a very personal level, create brand advocates and improve your customer support. Social media can also take a lot of time, time most business owners don’t have. Don’t trust your business image to someone who simply knows how to use Facebook. We are ASMS (Advanced Social Media Strategy) certified and we can make sure that your social media marketing is done right.

Social Media MarketingThe biggest mistake people make in their social media efforts is they think they need to be on every social media channel. This is far from true. The first step of our social media management project is to determine which social media networks are best for your market. Typically three is plenty, however we can always tailor a plan to include more if your business needs it. After determining the best social networks we will claim, create, customize and optimize each of your profiles. Then we will determine a social media marketing calendar using your website traffic analytics, your business needs and your desired goals. Our plans include posting, monitoring, engagement and identification of opportunities or issues that may come out of the social interactions. If you need help with content creation we also offer copywriting services that we can tailor to your needs. Some of the basic goals of a social media project are increased audience engagements, shares, likes and followers. However, increased traffic to your website and customer support are also important to a successful social media campaign.

Our social media management pricing is flexible and affordable. Contact us today at (512) 993-9993 and let’s create the right social media and reputation management package for you.


Do you have negative reviews about your business online? Maybe you don’t have reviews at all while your competitors are rocking the ★★★★★. Report after report and survey after survey are reflecting the growing trend of online reviews directly affecting business performance. People consider what other people think before purchasing. Having negative reviews or no reviews at all can seriously hurt your sales. Additionally Google is hinting that they are using social signals as part of their search engine rankings. This makes your online reputation management doubly important.

Now that you have identified the problem, how do you solve it? Creating or managing your online reputation can be daunting considering the dozens of different review sites out there. From FaceBook to Yelp and everything in between there are social profiles across the internet that need to be monitored and cultivated to make sure you get the best results from your reviews.

Online reviews are increasing and they can make or break a small business. Online reputation management intertwines with social media on many levels, and they both have to be monitored to make sure your brand and image stay clean. As part of our SMM/ORM projects we can include some of the major review sites such as Yelp to be optimized and monitored for issues. Just as with social media, engagement plays an important role in online reputation management. Responding to both positive and negative reviews can impact the next person to read them. While all of this can be confusing, call us today at (512) 993-9993 and we can explain in detail and plain terms how all of this impacts your business.

Speaking of reviews . . .Here are a few from our clients

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Speaking of reviews . . .

Here are a few from our clients

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