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We understand that internet marketing is about results and return on your investment. We also understand that lots of SEO companies offer vague agreements with long terms. We do not.

We offer completely transparent agreements with no long term commitment. You can pick and choose the internet marketing pieces that your business needs and leave out what you don’t. You can change up our work as we go, adding pieces one month and removing them the next. You simply set your budget, pick what you need done and we will make it work!

Below are the internet marketing services we offer. Please contact us today at 512-993-9993 so we can piece together a plan that tailored to fit your needs.


Whether you need a brand new website or you want to convert your existing website to something that works, we can create a project to fit your needs and stays within your budget. We have been designing and building websites for over nearly 20 years. We have designed small business websites with five to ten pages and we have designed and managed websites with thousands of pages. Our designs include ecommerce, real estate, health and fitness, attorney sites and more. We do require half of the setup fee at the beginning to start the work. The second half is due upon approval of the website before it goes live.

$750 – +$10,000

INCLUDES: Complete build or rebuild of one domain/website. Most websites will have a minimum of five to ten pages, including the required pages for the search engines and a sitemap. This fee covers the creation, customization and optimization of all pages and images to match the customers desired look. The fee also covers the purchase of a SSL certificate for site security, the implementation of an ecommerce online store or other website functions the customer may need. This fee can also include the setup and integration of social media profiles and/or paid advertising campaigns.


We build all of our websites on WordPress CMS. WordPress is a widely used and trusted content management system that is search engine friendly and secure. We host all of our websites at a local WordPress hosting company. We have physically visited this facility, met with the owners and are satisfied with their security and expertise. We manage, monitor and update our websites regularly to keep ahead of security issues, as does our hosting company. We can provide daily, weekly and monthly reports so that our clients can view their website traffic and visitors.


INCLUDES: Monthly hosting on a dedicated server, server management, reporting and ongoing customer support.




Search Engine Optimization is always changing. As Google changes the rules your SEO plan must evolve too. Our SEO services are based on an on-going relationship with you and your business needs. We can tailor a plan to fit your desired results. We will determine a range of core keywords and phrases, create a strategy and provide results.

INCLUDES: Reporting, analytics, monthly phone conference to go over results and direction as well as no long term commitment. If we don’t produce results, you don’t have to keep paying.




Paid Advertising is an easy way to get traffic to your website. It is also and easy way to spend a lot of money on traffic that doesn’t convert. A PPC (pay-per-click) campaign on Google, Bing or even social media has to be created correctly, monitored consistently and updated all the time. We are Google certified and have handled millions of dollars in paid advertising. Learn more about our PPC Management projects.

INCLUDES: Management, monitoring and reporting of paid internet campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. Paid internet marketing is an important way to drive exposure, traffic and sales. It also requires systematic monitoring and tweaking to avoid wasting money.




We are certified in Advanced Social Media Strategies. We know how confusing and time consuming social media and online review sites can be. We can create a Social Media and Online Reputation Management package to help you save time and energy. Learn more about our Social Media Management projects.

INCLUDES: Monitoring, posting and management of social media channels. Social media channels are increasingly important to internet marketing and establishing business credibility. They require constant and consistent updates and engagement.




INCLUDES: Packages include virtual tours, Google Maps integration, professional stills and photos/videos provided to you for you to use as needed. Google Trusted Photography increases your search engine visibility and local search engine results.AO Google Street View Trusted Badge



$75 / hour

INCLUDES: Monitoring and management of online review sites. Review sites such as Yelp are often ignored, but bad reviews can ruin a new company. We can respond or advise on how to respond to negative or critical reviews.





Our content SEO and copywriting plans have been created to work with our SEO and social media packages. Content is crucial to search engine results. Knowing what to write, how to write it, when to post it and where to publish it are all components of an overall Content SEO strategy.

INCLUDES: Each page of content contains roughly 1000 words and are determined by your search engine goals. We will research and place keywords, anchor text and cross-linking for maximum SEO impact.



$45 / hour

INCLUDES: General office and business systems consulting. We have over 30 years in business administration and solutions. We have vast experience in business systems connectivity and efficiency. Often our clients use this service to set up or improve their billing systems, contact management systems, lead generation systems and general computer/server systems.



$35 /hour

INCLUDES: General website additions and changes outside the scope of the normal monthly fee. Many of our clients pay a base monthly fee for the hosting, maintenance and reporting and then pay this hourly fee for items outside the scope of the monthly fee. This provides a more cost effective way to manage a website if the changes to the website are small and infrequent. This fee could encompass adding new products or pages.

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