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Measuring social media marketing success is a very important matter to businesses nowadays. Many people are talking about these because marketing in social media networks is one of the most effective ways that business can unlock new opportunities. A smart business minded person will work hard on making their blog attractive and useful and also making sure that the blog has fresh content all of the time. They will then integrate their blog with social media networks and use social postings to market the new fresh content.

Making daily tweets, post messages on their accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are the usual social marketing tactics done daily to boost a business’s marketing reach and expert status. Just posting messages may not be enough, so this article lists the Six Steps on How to effectively measure and manage your social media properties, to aid in your Social Media Marketing success:

Step 1 – Identify your goals. All you strategies and plans are useless, if you don’t set your goals. It will be impossible to know how your plans and strategies will affect the business, but by defining realistic, clear and systematic goals it will help your business to lay down a plan towards achieving your business goals. Planning a step by step process and targeting short term goals to reach longer term goals are important to achieve success in social media marketing.

Step 2 – Now that we have some business goals, create a strategic plan. Creating strategies for your social media marketing is not as hard as you would think it is. Utilize the web to help source yourself a template and then input the relevant data along with your business goals into that template and you are then off to a good start. Remember to define an end goal and strategically plan out how that end goal will be reached.

Step 3 – Be familiar with web analytic tools. Web analytics will help you measure the success in your marketing endeavors. These tools have a great role in the analysis of marketing in social media. They calculate the amount of website traffic and determine which sites get the most number of visitors. Track and analyze things like the demographics of visitors, duration of website visitors, language and nationality of the visitors, conversion rates, unique visits and others. Knowing your audience will help you to position the right content in front of them, so that they convert from visitors to buyers.

Step 4 – Be familiar with ROI (Return on Investment). This measures and evaluates the efficiency of your businesses investments. You should consider the well-defined and realistic goals for a campaign in social media marketing. This includes the increase in subscribers, followers and fans to create a large foundation of customers on social network sites. Track the amount of effort and resources input into social media marketing and track that directly back to the number of sales and whether it has increased or decreased. Tracking the number of conversions is key to gain a good understanding of your investment returns.

Step 5 – Identify the latest trends and usage of techniques with regards to the marketing with the various social media properties i.e.: Did you know that Pinterest user base is 80% female, so that creates massive opportunities for female based product marketing. Determine the duration of time that you’ve been engaging in the various activity and list down the important social media properties you are using.

Step 6 – Social Media Marketing has grown that big that it may very well be time for you to consider employing a dedicated social media marketing manager for you business. A person knowledgeable with marketing in the various social media circles, who can evaluate and analyse the development of your businesses social media marketing efforts. Having someone to monitor your progress, will aid you by freeing up the time you need to revisit your strategic plan and make improvements where required.

These are the six easy high level steps to knowing how you and your business are tracking with using social media marketing. Your business will then have tangible information which you could use for further growing your online presence, particularly in the sales and marketing space, by growing your customer base and relationships.

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