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First let’s start by defining what a mobile optimized website is.

There are lots of definitions thrown around when it comes to describing mobile websites. It boils down to these basic concepts:

  • Mobile Compatible: This is a website that simply works on a smartphone or tablet. It does not contain flash and can be navigated using a mobile device. There is usually lots of scrolling and pinching involved.
  • Mobile Responsive and Mobile Optimized: This is a website that is created specifically for individual mobile devices. The screen you see on your desktop is different than that on a tablet and also different than a smartphone. The images are less obtrusive and should load faster. The menu is easier to navigate and there is no need to pinch the screen.

Ok, now that you know the difference, which one should you choose?

The right answer is the mobile optimized site. However this is not always the easiest answer. Creating a mobile optimized site from a current site can be very tedious and difficult depending on the size and type of website you currently have. Often times getting a mobile optimized site comes with a recreation of your current site. While a mobile compatible site is an OK option in the short term, you will soon learn why going fully mobile optimized is imperative to your small business internet success.

So what’s the big deal with mobile and why should you care?

Well first off, mobile traffic is expected to keep growing over the next few years, especially smartphone traffic. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, smartphones will account for 75% of mobile traffic in 2019.

Additionally, according to Statista the combined retail and travel revenue generated from mobile devices totaled to 58.5 billion dollars, with nearly 98 million people in the US saying they buy using their mobile devices. In early 2014 the leading retailers reported that up 60% of their visitors were mobile only. Google recently reported that 65% of searches begin on a mobile phone, and mobile page views account for nearly one-fifth of all the page views in North America. These numbers will only continue to grow as usage grows and people turn to their mobile devices and away from traditional desktops.
Small Business Mobile Website
If the money and the stats aren’t enough to convince you that mobile is critical to your small business success, how about Google sending out emails to webmasters every where telling them that their websites are not mobile ready. They have also launched a mobile testing tool to help webmaster to determine if their site is mobile friendly as Google sees it. This is a sure fire sign that Google is about to shake things up with a new mobile ranking algorithm change. While there is no confirmation from Google as to how far-reaching this change will go, however, the best minds in the business believe it is coming.

In conclusion, if you are a small business owner struggling to keep up with the your web presence as it is now, you can add going mobile to your to-do list. But don’t be dismayed. We can help you jump on the mobile bandwagon. Let us take a look at your site and give you an honest assessment of what can be done to make you mobile, before it’s too late!

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