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What is a Website Audit Report?

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A website audit report is exactly what it sounds like, a behind-the-scenes review of your website. This report includes the good, the bad and the areas that might need improvement. Maybe you have a website that is beautiful, but not ranking. Maybe you have a website that gets visitors, but not conversions.Maybe you are running paid ads, but not selling anything. Our free website audit report can help you understand all of these things.

When the search engines view your site they see a whole lot of stuff that you don’t. This report will give you insight to the critical errors, warnings, and issues that may be affecting your internet rankings. We will review your page speed, image sizes, schema mark up, social media presence, online reviews, sitemaps and much more. Once you review your comprehensive website audit we hope that you will contact us with any questions or concerns you might have with the findings.  We will be more than happy to go over the report with you so that you can understand the content and are able to take actions to improve your site.

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