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I had decided to let someone local redo my website so I could get more business from the web. When the website was completed, I basically ranked for my name only and that was only beneficial to me if the person knew they wanted to find me by my company name. After leaving my site alone for a couple of years and not getting any new customers from the web, I decided to look into getting my website overhauled. I contacted GoDaddy to have them build me out a new site and realized that wasn’t going to be the best solution for my business, because they weren’t going to take the time to learn my business and objectives. I wanted more than just some web pages. That’s when I hired Adapting Online. Since then they have been my partner in website design and marketing. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a website company you can trust to tell you the truth.

John B.OwnerSan Saba Cap CompanyKerrville, Texas

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