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Required Pages

Most people look at website and never even consider the pages they don’t see. However, the search engines are not that way. There are certain pages that it is highly recommended you have on your site. The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages are two of the most forgotten. Your Privacy Policy tells the visitor the ways in which your website collects, uses and discloses any data collected about them while they are on site. For most businesses, a general Privacy Policy is sufficient, but it should certainly be reviewed. The Terms and Conditions page contains the liability limitations, copyright and governing law that may be applicable for your site. These pages are very rarely read and can be created using online generators, but if you are using cookies or collecting data you must have at least the Privacy Policy page.

It is also suggested that your site have a sitemap. Think of a sitemap as a road map for search engines. Your sitemap essentially tells the search engines where to go, what’s important and how to read your website. A comprehensive XML sitemap helps the search engines index your site and can help with your website optimization. While not required, most website design companies should create one.

The other obvious, but sometimes, neglected pages are a clear Contact page that contains your address, phone, email, map, hours of operation and contact form, and a media page that contains a Press Kit for you and your Business. If the goal is to be the authority, you need to put yourself out there as the authority. Your Media page contains samples of previous media appearances, a high quality picture you would prefer them use, a list of your credentials and how they should get in contact with you. Make it clear that you are open to be interviewed and quoted as an authority in your industry. An About page ranks, particularly when someone is searching for you by name, and it is important that your about page is up to date and that all of your credentials and memberships are current and accurate.

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