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Getting Started With a Domain Name and Hosting

Domain Name

Most likely you will hire someone to develop your website correctly. The following information is to help you hire the right person and ensure you receive a quality product. Before contacting any company make sure you have your vision clearly laid out. Previously we went through the steps for finding great domain names. By now you should have purchased at least one, but maybe several different domains. Review that list and pick the site that will be your primary website and which ones will be supplemental sites, if any. Supplemental sites are not offshoots or stepchildren. These websites should stand on their own merits. They need the same amount of content and care as your primary website. Their purpose is to be another source of visibility for a more specific visitor using specific keywords. Due to this, it is recommended that you develop your primary site completely and fully before embarking on additional sites.


After picking your primary domain name you need to decide on a hosting company. Chances are when you hire a website development company they will have recommendations for where they want to host the website. This is so that they have easy access to the nuts and bolts of the site. As mentioned before, you want to make sure that it is hosted with a reputable company that is not known for spamming or other types of negative services. It also should be hosted with a company that is secure and reliable. Before agreeing to any web hosting recommendations, ask questions and do your research on the hosting company. Another important factor to consider is the speed of the servers the hosting company uses. This is important because their equipment will affect how fast your website will load when someone visits. Speed and security are used in search engine results and are very important to the overall user experience and success of your site.

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